In Aphelion

Rising from the fires of NECROPHOBIC and NIFELHEIM…

A veritable treasure trove of Swedish black/death royalty, IN APHELION are a power-trio originally formed in 2020 by longtime Necrophobic guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt on vocals, guitar, and bass with prolific drummer Marco Prij. In 2021, with the advent of their debut demo, fellow Necrophobic guitarist Johan Bergebäck joined, making the unholy trinity complete. An impossibly auspicious first start, IN APHELION’s first demo – despite being limited to a mere 50 copies – landed the band a deal with EDGED CIRCLE, now resulting in a teaser-length first EP (Luciferian Age) and a grandiose hour-long debut album (Moribund), set for March 2022.

Indeed, while the spectre of classic blackened death metal for which Sweden is known looms large over IN APHELION, it must be stressed that these gentlemen are THE grand architects of that incredibly influential and ever-enduring sound. And not ones to rest on their laurels, with IN APHELION do both Ramstedt and Bergebäck unfurl new vistas of the imagination whilst respectably remaining within that noble tradition. Simply put, this is timeless HEAVY METAL might painted in purple-blue hues but beaming with brilliant colors beyond.

In Aphelion consist of:
Sebastian Ramstedt – Vocals, lead guitar
Johan Bergebäck – Rhythm guitar
Marco Prij – Drums