Phantom Fire

  • Origin: Norway
  • Formed: 2019
  • Genre: Black/Speed Metal


Hailing from Bergen, Norway, PHANTOM FIRE includes members from such bands as GAAHLS WYRD and KRAKOW, but on evidence of their first public recording, the two-song Return of the Goat, Phantom Fire are definitely their OWN band! Hard-rocking, hard-charging, reeking of rust and diesel, here do Phantom Fire kick out two jams of lithe ‘n’ lethal metal blackened to a crisp. And while so many nowadays “retro” bands head straight to the party, Phantom Fire are intent on ruining that party, spreading black leathery wings wide and ominously.

A unique take on the traditional, Return of the Goat is a deadly auspicious first start, and the title track’s a tasty preview of Phantom Fire’s forthcoming debut album, The Bust of Beelzebub, due out early September via Edged Circle. You’ve been warned!


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