Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire

by Magick Touch

Edged Circle Productions is proud to present MAGICK TOUCH‘s highly anticipated second album, Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire.

Magick Touch are a power trio – with the emphasis on POWER – from the southwestern coastal town of Bergen, Norway. The band – HK Rein on guitar and vocals, Bård Nordvik on drums, and Christer Ottesen on bass and vocals – formed in 2014 and released their debut album, ELECTRICK SORCERY, through Edged Circle in 2015. The album went on to reap worldwide acclaim for its simple-yet-profound pleasures.

As the trio encompasses at least two singers and three songwriters, Magick Touch is almost like getting several bands for the price of one. Even more so than their celebrated debut, Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire plays this out with absolute (and absolutely addicting) aplomb. The vocals are characterful indeed, blending into slick harmonies on infectious choruses whilst Rein’s wah-drenched solos are splendidly delivered. Once again, this is that rich ‘n’ rewarding middle point between hard rock and heavy metal, and Magick Touch finesse it with a truly magickal touch.

In these times where trends seem to come and go on an almost monthly basis, sometimes it’s never more satisfying than to simply sit back and rock out. And that’s what Magick Touch make you do. Bow before Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire and salute the eternal glory of the riff!

  • "Whoever knows what they put in the water in Scandinavia can they come and do it here too, please? Because Magick Touch are another of those bands from that part of the world that just rule from the off."
    8.5/10 -
  • "Supremely heavy, harmonic and holy crow h’awesome! Mega riffing abounds on this one as does a couple of tempo shifts that will knock your socks off."
  • "Magick Touch’s main goal with their new album is simply to remind the whole world how awesome our good old Rock N’ Roll is and will always be, and the band not only nailed it, but they also provided us all a “magick” soundtrack to our days and moments on the road, at work, at school or anywhere else good music is needed."
    3.5/5 -
  • "Everything they do provides a welcome reminder of what music was like in the late eighties; highly skilled yet with a louche, devil-may-care touch, a happy confluence of style and substance that at once satiates the listener yet leaves them baying for more."
  • "There is a certain sublime poetry to the songwriting here. the bluesy solos are warm and well delivered. The riffs have a rip roaring majesty that serves to make them strangely wholesome. But it's the choruses where the real money is. Multi layered, often shouted and gloriously fucking organic Blades, Chains, Whips and Fire is the sort of album that you are always going to want to sing along too."
  • "...when you have non-stop hooks when it comes to both guitar leads and vocals without a single weak song, you have an album worth paying attention to. Fans of everything hard rock and heavy metal take note!"
    8.7/10 -
  • "I learned a hilarious new genre term from Angry Metal Guy’s review of the disc: “DAD METAL.” LOL! If you are like me, then you’ll say: excellent, dude! Bring on the old school! (...) Who says you can’t travel back in time? It’s worth the trip! Especially if you’re a time lord on a quest for the best “dad metal” currently available before the March release of the new Judas Priest album."
Magick Touch Norwegian hard rock Origin: Norway / Formed in: 2014 / Genre: Hard Rock