In Aphelion

Rising from the fires of Necrophobic and Nifelheim, the new entity ignites the eternal flame of the night.

In Aphelion consist of:
Sebastian Ramstedt – Vocals, lead guitar
Johan Bergebäck – Rhythm guitar
Marco Prij – Drums

Sebastian and Johan need no further introduction, being known for their work in Necrophobic and Nifelheim among other bands. Marco is an extremely talented drummer also active in Cryptosis. In Aphelion is best described as black metal with elements of thrash and heavy metal: furious and epic – violent, ugly, and beautiful.


We have closed down our Norwegian store and have relocated all stock to Poland and USA. This means HEAVILY reduced shipping for all orders from ECP for the future. Bandcamp is still run from Norway.


Our stuff is distributed via Season of Mist/Soundworks and The Orchard.