Phantom Fire
Album details and artwork

Today, Edged Circle Productions announces October 22nd as the international release date for PHANTOM FIRE‘s highly anticipated debut album, THE BUST OF BEELZEBUB, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
With stout and richly analog recording courtesy of Iver Sandøy (Enslaved) at Solslottet Studio in Bergen and deliciously warped cover art by Nifelheim’s Hellbutcher, Phantom Fire’s The Bust of Beelzebub is an exceptionally unique take on the traditional.
The track list for the album is as follows:
1. Return Of The Goat
2. Bust Of Beelzebub
3. Sweet Jezebel
4. Pihsrow
5. Shut Eye
6. Feed On Fire
7. The Ninth Gate
Stay tuned for the first single and music video “Feed on Fire” coming early next month, along with pre-orders going live.
July 20, 2021