Edged Circle Production is very proud to announce finally the release of Swedens finest DREADFUL FATE. If you get off on early Kreator, Sadus, Merciless and the likes, then this is for you! Previously released as a cassette demo through Iron Fist, this is the black wax treatment it deserves. Estimated release is set for Friday 1st of December, with a possibility to pre-order and receive the release 1 week before official release date.

“Fucking KILLER to see that Edged Circle Productions hooked us up for a release of these very spontaneously recorded tracks of nothing but pure aggression. This band will never follow your advice, listen to what you have to say, or care, for that matter. Lets stir things up a bit, worship the old, crank up the volume and get obsessed by evil – It’s time for The Sin Of Sodom.” – DREADFUL FATE, Sept 1st, 2017
We are confident DREADFUL FATE will rise to power, claim the throne, and wave the flag of hate for years to come. You have been warned…
Check out the song “Unholy Lust” HERE