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Edged Circle Productions is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Magick TouchElectrick Sorcery. Like the best things in life (and especially music), everything’s in the name: Magick Touch ignite the intrinsic, elemental fire of classic hard rock with an elan that’s almost bewitching and is most certainly not of this world. Across the none-more aptly titled Eletrick SorceryMagick Touch explore the mystery and magic of the hard rock riff, a cosmic entity that has amused and frightened mankind for ages. By utilizing the unholy trinity of electric guitar, thunderous bass, and explosive drums, the band seeks to evoke and further enhance the elements that human kind in a casual manner refers to as hard rock. Whereas paying great respect to the groundbreaking and inspirational work of ancient sorcerers like Lynott, The Youngs & Scott, Blackmore, Coverdale, Stanley, Frehley, Simmons, and young master Hudson, Magick Touch do not shy away from adding contemporary (magic) touches to the traditions of the Elders. Proud to be in the service of the greater universal powers, there is still hard rock to be revealed – believe the true wonders to come, but behold Electrick Sorcery in all its majesty!
Magick Touch hails from Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, known for its wet and cold climate. Yet, the city’s hard rock community is as warm and welcoming as a summer breeze. In the last 20 years, Bergen has spawned many great, hard-hitting bands with international success. The hard-hitters in Magick Touch are as follows:
HK Rein: loud lead guitar and vocals. Favors classic hard rock, mighty guitar solos, beer and whiskey. He likes a traditional approach to hard rock, but he’s never afraid to think outside the box as long as the bottom line is rock ‘n’ roll.
Bård “Heavy” Nordvik: Mean, lean sweat machine. Sticks are swinging’ and ears are ringing’.
Christer Ottesen: That old sly cat, brings his thunderous bass and unhinged vocals both to – and under – the table.

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