Decibel Magazine premiering “Throne of Ashes” EP

Today, blackened death revivalists ANGELBLAST stream the entirety of their brand-new EP, Throne of Ashes, at Decibel magazine’s website. Set for international release on January 28th via Edged Circle Productions on 7″ vinyl format, hear AngelBlast’s Throne of Ashes in its entirety exclusively HERE

“When members of DARKENED, Necrophobic, and In Aeternum come together to summon the gods of death metal, it sounds like AngelBlast. Formed in 2019, the Swedish and Canadian combo quickly impressed the denizens of the Underground with their Rotting Paradise 7″ (Edged Circle). Fans of early Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, and Unanimated appreciated AngelBlast’s vicious homage and advanced aggression. Now, the international quartet–Hempa Brynolfsson (guitars), Gord Olson (guitars/vocals), Johan Bergebäck (bass), and Perra Karlsson (drums)–have plied the forces of darkness for yet another 7″ (Edged Circle) in the form of Throne of Ashes.”
Chris Dick, Decibel Magazine

AngelBlast say:

“While the previous release was the band in an embryonic stage, Throne of Ashes feels now like a true realization of the AngelBlast sound. A swirling venomous storm of energy, aggression, and atmosphere!”

January 24, 2022