AMOK spawned in 2000 as a death/grind/thrash metal unit. The aim was from the beginning to bring back the doomsday holocaust from the 80’s. Musical inspiration was bands like Autopsy, Beherit, VON, Master’s Hammer, Sadistik Exekution, Carcass, Blasphemy and old Scandinavian death metal.At first AMOK consisted of Goatpromoter Lava (guitars/vocals) and Stanley (bass/drums).

After some months of rehearsing Mord joined and took over the drums. This made live performances possible. AMOK released 2 demos (”Sadistic Attack” [2001] and ”LAVA Dictatorship”[2002]) and performed 3 concerts before the line-up changed. Both Stanley and Mord left in 2003. Goatpromoter Lava then joined forces with Necrocum (vocals) and Iscariah (bass). AMOK released a new promo, ”Effective Mass-Torture” [2003], where the title track presents the new line-up. The drums were programmed for this track. Witchhammer Production re-released “Lava Dictatorship” in 2003, as a split cassette with Audiopain.

After the release of the debut album on CD “Nekrospiritual Deathcore” through Planet Satan Revolution!, the band has done massive work in order to complete the 2nd full-length album entitled “Exodus Reversal Hex” which is due out later through Edged Circle Productions. As we wait for this unearthed maze, we can in the meantime proudly announce that the vinyl version of this first full length is set for release through Edged Circle Productions in June 2015.