Into the Blackness

by Darkened

DARKENED “Into the Blackness” MCD Debut release featuring blistering Death Metal performance from the darkest crypts of the underground.

Hempa Brynolfsson – guitars (Excruciate / Ordo Inferus / ANGELBLAST)
Daryl Kahan – bass (Citizens Arrest / Funebrarum)
Andy Whale – drums (ex-Bolt Thrower / Memoriam)
Linus Nirbrant – guitars (This Ending / A Canorous Quintet)
Gord Olson – vocals (Ye Goat-Herd Gods / Demisery / AngelBlast)

01. Into the Blackness
02. The Offering
03. Darkening of my Soul
04. Unredeemed

Origin: Sweden / Canada / Formed in: 2018 / Genre: Death Metal