Midnight Vampire

by Speedkiller

An otherwise entity, SPEEDKILLER hail from Brazil, arguably THE South American country with the richest history of extreme metal.

A quartet, the band comprises vocalist/guitarist Spellcaster, fellow guitarist Summoned, bassist Evilspirit, and drummer Hellkrätus.

A full-length album, Midnight Vampire is the Speedkiller first public recording…but HOLY FUCK is it a first statement!

Unapologetically, Speedkiller hail the old gods of their homeland, both the massively influential cult scene of the ’80s – Vulcano, Sarcofago, Mutilator, Holocausto, and earliest (and best) Sepultura – but also Mystifier’s classic first album, Wicca. As such, Midnight Vampire is a work of both aggression and atmosphere. But unlike so many past and especially present who endlessly try to replicate the OTT violence of Sarcofago’s INRI, Speedkiller possess a patience in their songwriting which allows bewitching atmosphere to play equal footing as belligerent aggression – the song to take precedence over style. In fact, much of Midnight Vampire charges forward at a brisk, enjoyably headbanging tempo, allowing their largely traditionalist constructions to breathe full, foul breaths: undeniably sulfurous, but firmly rooted in ancient values. Thus, here could one… more

Released January 29, 2021

  • "A solid first outing for a band with all the right taste, attack and brutal vibe."
    70/100 - grizzlybutts.com
  • "In these trying times, if you want to back a solid 35 years, when there were no sub-categories, there was just metal, this is a great album to listen to."
    8/10 - metal-temple.com
  • "If you like raw stuff from the first wave of black metal and the aforementioned Brazilian era, Midnight Vampire meshes them together admirably and leaves you begging for more."
    4,25/5 - metalcrypt.com
  • "...if you want a record that kicks you in the balls, tips beer over your head then sacrifices you to the deity below, then Speedkiller’s scorching debut hits all the right notes. As the youth of today often say, “this is fire”… literally!"
    8,5/10 - metalforcesmagazine.com
  • "This isn't metal for normal people, this is death metal written to crack fucking skulls and make everyone suffer. If you can't accept that then Midnight Vampire is not an album for you."
  • "...it’s an addictive slab of metal that should leave even the most thirsty bloodsucker sated."
Speedkiller metal Origin: Brazil / Formed in: 2018 / Genre: Black/Thrash Metal