by Natt

EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the striking debut album of Norway’s NATT, self-titled Natt, on vinyl LP format.

NATT is a new instrumental band from Bergen. The songwriters behind the music are René Misje (Krakow, Trust Us) and Roy Ole Førland (Lindy-Fay Hella, Kari Rueslåtten, Malignant Eternal); Misje handles guitars, bass, piano, clavinet, synthesizers, and percussion while Førland handles synthesizers. They are joined in the studio session by bassist Lord Bård and Enslaved drummer Iver Sandøy on drums and percussion.

Their first public work together, Natt is a three-song/45-minute album. Mesmerizing and at times manic but always magickal, Natt’s music takes the listener on a journey through clean and calm atmospheres that are released in large sonorous, melodic, and heavy soundscapes. Like true mavericks, their music isn’t easy to pigeonhole; across the album, one will hear post-rock, metal, and the progressive end of the scale. Simply, Natt must be experienced.

Although all-instrumental, Natt are still exceptionally evocative with their massive compositions. The titles of the three component tracks of Natt reflect the themes of resistance and challenges during a lifetime: “Skillevei,” facing difficult choices; “Apell,” asking for help, encouraging action; and “Etterslått,” what you are left with, for better or worse. “We want the titles to give some hints for the interpretation of the picture, as well,” state the band, “who is she, what has she been through, where is she going.”

Gaze upon the gorgeous cover artwork by Nicholas O’Leary and you might begin to understand where you might go with Natt’s debut album. The experience is wide-open.

  • "It’s easy to get lost in the band’s enticing music as it takes you away from the mediocrity of everyday existence and transports you to otherworldly realms that simply have to be experienced. The moods, atmospheres, and feelings explored on Natt are compelling, and I recommend spending some quality time with this record."
    Wonderbox Metal
  • "If you walk with Natt, I do not know where you will find yourself, but I know that they will find something in you."
    Last Rites
  • "It demands a clear head and a clear vision to fuse together so many musical genres and styles and still come out with a coherent album produced and mastered so well to let every little timbre be heard. The album will confuse some, and irritate the impatient, but reward us aficionados who value venturing into new musical waters led by visionary musicians."
    Veil of Sound
  • "‘Natt‘ is a uniquely surreal journey gilded by an ethereal and glittering atmosphere which plunges forth by way of run-on progressive rock grooves and kosmiche analog synth sounds."
    7/10 - Grizzly Butts
Origin: Norway / Formed in: 2016 / Genre: post-rock, metal, progressive