Cakes & Coffins

by Magick Touch

EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present MAGICK TOUCH‘s highly anticipated fourth album, Cakes & Coffins, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

By now, MAGICK TOUCH should require little introduction. Since the release of their Electrick Sorcery debut in 2016 – and as always, through the auspices of EDGED CIRCLE – MAGICK TOUCH have become a veritable institution of hard-rockin’ majesty. Whether you qualify them as hard rock or just heavy metal, the Norwegian power-trio have always been on the ascent and always deliver the goods, be it on record or especially onstage.

Lo, it’s been three long years since their last album, the none-more-anthemic Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll, and now MAGICK TOUCH return with a surprising twist: a mostly moody and slightly occult-tinged album bearing the curious title Cakes & Coffins. “We’ve always tried to keep our tongues in our cheeks,” says vocalist/bassist Christer Ottesen. “But the way the world looks right now, we really had to put our feet in our mouths instead. We used to sing about love, but that just wouldn’t do this time. Suddenly, there are lyrics about famine, heroin, bloody revolution, and ancient Babylon – and the music had to follow suit.” Indeed it does. Definitely darker but by no means sacrificing those characteristically majestic MAGICK TOUCH hooks, the trio twist the knife in a different direction that thankfully still sounds 666% like them. Or, as Ottesen likens, “After the ship hits the iceberg, MAGICK TOUCH, showing great courage and soothing the nerves of the other passengers, continues playing as the crew load the lifeboats.”

Produced by the band along with SPIDERGAWD’s Per Borten at Sørgården Studio, Cakes & Coffins bristles with a unique energy: while “dark” for MAGICK TOUCH, there’s nevertheless an invigorating / inspiring aspect to the album that keeps it from being a total slit-your-wrists fest. Such is the eternal power & glory of HEAVY METAL. “When the world stopped spinning and went into pandemic panic, it became even clearer that our splendor of living might not endure,” expounds drummer Bård Nordvik. “A bleaker worldview, however, did produce some bright and shimmering hard rock moments that hopefully can inspire to make a better future and even better heavy metal live shows.”

It could be argued that MAGICK TOUCH hit their apex of good-times classicism with Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll, but such a zenith simply set the stage for a new one in Cakes & Coffins. “It feels good to finally be back with some new, heavy tunes that also bring something new to the MAGICK TOUCH universe,” states vocalist/guitarist HK Rein. “This is probably the first time we have ever agreed on a theme and a mood before even throwing the first riffs together. We wanted the music, lyrics, and artwork all to be related, just like the best heavy metal records do!”

Truly! With suitably spooky album artwork by Andreas Pilskog – not to mention mixing by Håvard Soknes in Studio 841 and mastering by Iver Sandøy at Solslottet Studio – Cakes & Coffins is the complete package: MAGICK TOUCH with a new (out)look and a slightly new(er) sound, deadlier than ever. Delivering the goods…and darkly!

Magick Touch Norwegian hard rock Origin: Norway / Formed in: 2014 / Genre: Hard Rock