Morbid Origin

by Inculter

EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present INCULTER’s long awaited third album “Morbid Origin”. This time the thrashing Norwegians dives further down into their now already trademark sound, last heard on the previous full-length effort “Fatal Visions”.

Just like fellow Fusing Liv Grete Skjelbreid (formerly known as Poirée) excelled in cross-country skiing, the second most know export from Fusa, metal of the heavy and deadly kind, excels this time with INCULTERs fabulous new delivery of morbidity.
The new attack on everything boring shows a band that has matured further when it comes to song writing and arrangement but has not forgot the aggression and juvenility that is so very much needed in this genre. Just like a bag of beers this record could have been brought to a home alone party in 1990 and caused havoc on the dance floor. The spirit of old combined with the splendour of youth makes for a great and timeless listen. Kreator could have followed up their early works with this epitome of snootiness, or Schizophrenia-era Sepultura could have gotten drunk together with Ride The lightning-Metallica and made this record. When Lethal Salvation ends this album, behold, the end of time for “Morbid Origin” is thrash at its best.

Originally discovered by Edged Circle, Inculter are a blistering thrash band hailing from the west coast of Norway. They first burst onto the scene with the Stygian Deluge 7″ EP in 2013 which quickly sold out and established them at rapid speed. From there, the still-very-young band were voted “Band of the Week” by Darkthrone’s taste making Fenriz. Spin forwards a few months; the arrival of “Persistent Devolution” was released and a few years after that their second peak “Fatal Visions”.

“Morbid Origin” will be released by Edged Circle Productions worldwide on the 8th of December 2024 on LP, CD, CD and DIGITAL.

Pssst. This album was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy award for 2023.

  • "«Morbid Origin» er Inculters tredje killer-album på tre forsøk, og etter et titalls gjennomlyttinger heller jeg mot at dette er deres beste. Trioen fra Fusa plasserer seg dermed helt i toppsjiktet av hva denne sjangeren har å tilby."
    5/6 - iTomsø
  • "Album number three from the band showcases the progression alongside the feral velocity we expected. With each release Inculter brings a darker vision, even with the more evident chunks of greater melody this time round."
    8,5/10 - Metal Forces
  • "Taken as a whole ‘Morbid Origin‘ does an incredible job of showcasing the leaps, bounds and impressive mutations available to the songcraft Inculter have always had a knack for, now developing a voice which is not only thrilling within earshot of any true thrash metal fan but also transcendent of the usual simplified morphology of the sub-genre in motion."
    92/100 - Mystification
  • "... black-thrash with a lot of demanding breaks and some Celtic Frost vibes and my guess would be that Inculter didn't write this album just to please anyone but rather to challenge the listeners. So this project they fully accomplished because it might take some time to acces the album fully but once you're in, you won’t leave it that fast!"
    8/10 - Metalbite
  • "...moments on Morbid Origin where Inculter's musicianship really shines through, proving why they are regarded as one of Norway's leading acts in the modern thrash scene."
    7,4/10 - Metal Storm
  • "Inculter have perfected their sound even further with Morbid Origin, becoming one of the undisputed leaders of the European thrash scene in 2023 and this is not an exaggeration by any means. The band has crafted a style of their own, which is instantly recognizable and this is not an easy task in thrash. (...) Check these guys out if you haven’t already, because this is metal perfection."
    10/10 - Velvet Thunder
Inculter 2023 Origin: Norway / Formed in: 2012 / Genre: Thrash Metal