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Drittmaskin "Når Dei Kjem For å Ta Meg"

Brand new track from the upcoming 2nd album, to be released late 2020 by EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS. Also features a complete re-recording of a track of the “Sosial Prolaps” album released same day as this EP. 21st of February 2020.

Hailing from Norway, DRITTMASKIN are a nasty melange of often-incompatible influences and idioms. Completely DIY, the band’s Sosial Prolaps debut violently ‘n’ vulgarly introduced the band’s wicked ways, idiosyncratically ranging black metal, hardcore punk, crossover, and even subtle singer-songwriter traditions. It may immediately sound like one thing, but peer beneath DRITTMASKIN’s surface one more time (or another, or another, or…) and you’ll find a strange ‘n’ shapeshifting sensation that lingers long after the record’s over.

Before the bandwagon really leaves town with DRITTMASKIN’s next album for EDGED CIRCLE, better hop on now with this brand new single, for taste of whats to come!


We have closed down our Norwegian store and have relocated all stock to Leipzig Germany and New York. This means HEAVILY reduced shipping for all orders from ECP for the future. Bandcamp is still run from Norway.


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