Inculter: New album details

Today, ECP sets April 12th as the international release date for INCULTER‘s highly anticipated second album, FATAL VISIONS, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

The track list is as follows:
1. Open The Tombs
2. Impending Doom
3. Shepherd of Evil
4. Endtime Winds
5. Final Darkness
6. Towards the Unknown
7. Fatal Visions
8. Through Relic Gates

Staying true to their sound whilst pushing their own limits, here on Fatal Visions do Inculter exhibit more finesse and flair, more magick and mastery. If PERSISTING DEVOLUTION leaned more on the raw side – understandably so, given the band’s youth at the time – then the self-produced Fatal Visions sees the now-quartet getting to the heart of their sound and, with mastering by Enslaved’s Herbrand Larsen, leaving a more powerful and timeless document for the ages. That expansion to a four-piece is immediately felt; the attack is tighter and more urgent, the dual-riff interplay dazzling with darkness and ever-twisting memorability. Indeed, these Fatal Visions cut quickly and sharply, their locked-in slash ‘n’ surge sounding almost criminally accomplished. No more red-eyed and bleeding-raw belligerence here: rather, a spiked landscape of classic heavy metal majesty rendered wild and wondrous. If anything, one could say Inculter are taking cues from cult-institution forebears Aura Noir but accelerating up the evolutionary chain far quicker…or simply that Fatal Visions is THE Now Sound of Inculter.

The future is so far in the past, Inculter have prophesied the present with Fatal Visions. Completed by stunning artwork from R.K. Valbo (Obliteration, Void Eater), this is another bold step toward total dominance.


January 31, 2019