Institution D.O.L.
The Thelema Tales album stream

This was a bit of an unusual release for us to do, but being fans of this genre we couldn’t resist the offer when it came through the inbox. THE THELEMA TALES is as beautiful as it is haunting, and was released with extra special care to the details of the vinyl release which only came out in 207 copies.
As there was no full stream done for this, we have now uploaded the album in full on YouTube.

“An audio document from a pilgrim travel to Sicily in 2015.
5 tracks where smooth piano lines meet field recordings (from the abbey and La Rocca) and electronica meets dark ambient.
The Austrian power electronics / industrial monolith known as INSTITUTION D.O.L. returns once again, and this time accompanied by pianist Wolfgang J. Eder. 4 years of intense, in-depth work, culminated and manifested into ‘The Thelema Tales'”



December 29, 2022