Natt album premiere

Join us for a digital pre-listening party over at 666mrDoom’s YouTube channel !

Natt is a three-song/45-minute album. Mesmerizing and at times manic but always magickal, NATT’s music takes the listener on a journey through clean and calm atmospheres that are released in large sonorous, melodic, and heavy soundscapes. Like true mavericks, their music isn’t easy to pigeonhole; across the album, one will hear post-rock, metal, and the progressive end of the scale. Simply, Natt must be experienced.

Album will be released on Friday, but you can pre-order your copy from one of our shops:
EU webshop
US Webshop
ECP Bandcamp (Shipping from Norway)



DECIBEL MAGAZINE:  14/15 points
METAL ITALIA: 10/10 points

“It’s easy to get lost in the band’s enticing music as it takes you away from the mediocrity of everyday existence and transports you to otherworldly realms that simply have to be experienced. The moods, atmospheres, and feelings explored on Natt are compelling, and I recommend spending some quality time with this record.”

“If you walk with Natt, I do not know where you will find yourself, but I know that they will find something in you.”


January 18, 2023