Yoth Iria
Jim Mutilator’s Yoth Iria inks deal with ECP

We are very proud to finally reveal the signing of Jim Mutilator’s YOTH IRIA from Greece. With the EP “Under His Sway” and the debut album “As the Flame Withers” released so far, Yoth Iria have already made quite the following worldwide with their unique atmospheric approach. Hard at work on their highly anticipated second album, we can assure you the wait will not be in vain. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming 2023 release through Edged Circle.

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Upcoming live shows:
16.12 – Sofia, Bulgaria
01.01 – Larisa, Greece
18.02 – Ciudad, Mexico
25.03 – Dijon, France
10-12.08- Party-San Metal Open Air, Germany
11-3.08 – Alcatraz Open Air, Belgium
07-08.09 – Storm Crusher Fest, Germany

December 8, 2022