REPTILIAN: European tour announced

Tour announcement: EXECRATION (n) + REPTILIAN (n) “Return to the Void” tour 2018
Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the final routing for two of Norways finest death metal outfits; EXECRATION and REPTILIAN! The tour will be called “RETURN TO THE VOID” and will take place from the 18th – 28th of January 2018 – with only 11 exclusive shows in north and central Europe!

Here´s the final routing:
18th Jan. Copenhagen • DK • Pumpehuset + Slægt (dk)
19th Jan. Hamburg • DE • Bambi Galore + Ketzer (de) + Dawn of Obliteration (de)
20th Jan. Antwerp • BE • Music City
21st Jan. London • UK • The Black Heart + Decrepid (uk) + Seprevation (uk)
22nd Jan. Paris • FR • Le Klub + Misgivings (fr)
23rd Jan. Bonn • DE • Bla
24th Jan. Dresden • DE • Chemiefabrik
25th Jan. Poznan • PL • U Bazyla
26th Jan. Warzaw • PL • Poglos
27th Jan. Berlin • DE • Wolf City Winter Festival + Antichrist (swe), Vulture (de)
28th Jan. Rotterdam • NL • In the Grip of Winter Fest + Pestilence (nl)

In July of this year, EXECRATION released their much anticipated 4th full length “Return to the Void” on Metal Blade Records to much praise from the international metal press. Unlike the previous two albums, the new album, doesn’t mark a dramatic stylistic shift. The band comments: “It is our most compact album to-date, shorter and with tighter compositions. It’s catchy, complex, prog-infused and intense all at the same time. Coming off of two double 12″ vinyl albums, the first clear goal for writing ‘Return to the Void’ was to deliver the same kind of dynamic and shifting song-writing in a more condensed to-the-point package. Stripping songs down to their essential core has been a driving force while writing, and it shows – there is not a wasted moment on the album. Ticking it at 42 minutes – a perfect fit for the vinyl format – the album takes the listener through a whirlwind of thrash, death, black, and even heavy metal, fast and slow parts, and the trademark Execration shifts in mood, tempo, and atmosphere. As with the previous two albums, we wanted to capture the feel of a live performance, so all the basic tracks (drums, guitars, bass) were recorded live in our rehearsal studio in Oslo over the course of a weekend. Vocals, synths, and various effects where recorded the following weeks with assistance from Andreas Tylden (One Tail, One Head / Altaar). The album was then mixed and mastered by Tom Kvalsvoll of Kvalsonic Labs.

Thematically, the album takes off into outer space, the world of dreams, and philosophic musings on time and space. The album’s seven songs and two instrumental tracks are permeated with the mysteries of the universe, both in lyrical content and concept, and in the music itself. This theme is further brought to life by the magnificent art of Zbigniew M. Bielak that adorns the front cover.”

With them on tour they are bringing REPTILIAN also from Norway. Signed to Edged Circle Productions they have released 1 full length album back in 2016 called “Perennial Void Traverse”.

Check out the bands here:

Review quotes for Execration´s “Return to the Void”:
“Few albums really make you sit up and take notice, but Execration’s “Return To The Void” will, it is a staggering release and challenges the concepts of death metal’s norms and you definitely need to hear it.” – 9/10

“Still nursing a gently throbbing headache from the night before, an impressive crowd is already gathering at Rockefeller as the clock strikes six in the afternoon. The honor of inaugurating the main festival stage has fallen upon Oslo locals Execration. Their brick-shittingly heavy death metal earned them a Norwegian grammy in 2014, and evidently their accomplishment have not gone unnoticed. With a sound that could grind mountains into dust, they get the tired audience moving with skillful abandon. The dual vocals of guitarists Jørgen and Chris range from brutal to downright hellish, and the musicianship is spine-tingling. It’s an incredibly tight performance, filled with twists and turns, representing a ruthless awakening for everyone in attendance.” – Metal Observer on Inferno 2015

“Return to the Void is a damn fine album. In an age where music isn’t always given a large number of re-listens, this is an album which makes it almost impossible not to listen to again and again (and again) and is definitely one of the stronger releases in the genre for the year.”

Ratings for Execration´s “Return to the Void”:
5/6 Scream Magazine Norway
8/10 Metal Hammer Norway
8/10 Rock Hard Magazine (DE)
8/10 Metal Italia (IT)
8/10 Powerplay Magazine (UK)

Review quotes for Reptilian´s “Perennial Void Traverse”:
“Perennial Void Traverse is an unorthodox, shape shifting beast of insanity and brutality. […] To be able to combine the creepy slowness of Coffins with the flailing, bug eyed intensity of the likes of Autopsy is no mean feat, but Reptilian do it with aplomb.”

“Reptilian’s Perennial Void Traverse is a perfect melding of thrash and death metal. Reptilian has developed a very obscure death thrash sound, unparallel to any other death thrash outfit I have heard.”

“Reptilian is another band who’ve knocked it out of the park on their first pitch. I will await my opportunity to see them live here in the United States.”