The cursed vinyls – e5s2

Welcome back to yet another tedious episode in the quest for the vinyl releases of the following vinyls:

Darkened «The Black Winter» LP
Darkened «Kingdom of Decay» LP repress
Demoniac «So It Goes» LP repress
Asagraum «Dawn of Infinite Fire» LP repress

This is the last update we got about 10 days ago from GZ / XvinylX:

«Hi Stian,
I am sorry for the delay. My colleagues found out during packaging that lots of copies are badly damaged (torn covers and scratched records) from the production. Damaged copies should be fixed/repressed in production shortly, we will send them immediately. I am waiting for an updated from production.
I am sorry for the inconveniences caused. It doesn’t happen often, but this time the records were in terrible condition, which we coul not accept.
Best regards,»

We will keep you informed as soon as we know any more info, so join us next time, as we announce a volcanic eruption having burned down a village in which the vinyls were in transit through. Maybe aliens will take them, or ISIS, eh? Be sure it will be a ride NOT to miss. Worlds will burn. Stars will fall.

Oh! Sign of Evil vinyls are being shipped next week at least.

February 4, 2023