Day: October 28, 2018


One of the most singular bands orbiting the death metal underground in the past decade, TELEPORT formed in 2010 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and promptly set course for a prodigious schedule of self-released demos, each one perfecting their slithering, shapeshifting sound. Undoubtedly inspired by Gorguts, Voivod, and Australia’s Stargazer and yet finding contemporaries in Blood Incantation […]

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New signing: TELEPORT

ECP is over the moon (pun intended) excited to announce the signing of cosmic Death Metal force TELEPORT! After hearing “The Expansion”, which was released a few weeks back, we transported ourselves through astral projection to Slovenia and signed this horde! With influences including Gorguts, Stargazer, Sarlacc and Voivod, this young band will not go unnoticed! […]

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