Asagraum: Interview and playlist

Our Spotify playlist for September comes courtesy of Asagraum, and despite busy days and nights preparing the long awaited second album “Dawn of Infinite Fire”, vocalist and songwriter Obscura took some time out to answer a few questions in regards to her playlist.

Avé Hanna. Your chosen tracks for the playlist is an interesting one to say the least. Its dominantly late 90’s or early 00’s chosen tracks. Was this the time when you discovered Black Metal? How were you introduced to this genre?

Avé Johnny. My first encounter with black metal was in my early teenage years, seeïng some video’s on TV and searching on the internet. The tracks I have chosen are indeed mostly from the time that I discovered black metal, besides bringing up a lot of good memories a lot of these songs are the classics of the genre for me.

Would you say this is a list of your current favorites or do you see this as your main inspiration?

These songs are my main inspiration and all-time favourites, though I appreciate a lot of newer bands and releases as well.

Is there any of the bands on the list that you just enjoy listening to, but dont feel that have influenced you at all?

Nine Inch Nails..

Its now been some time since your debut album. Do you have a lot of new material, and when do you plan to record this?

I wrote 10 new songs, of which 9 will surely be on the new album. We will record the new album this winter.

You have had some lineup changes, but seem to have settled well with your new drummer. She provides a different technique of course to the music now. Do you feel this has altered and affected the new material?

Yes, the new material will have a couple of faster songs, inpired by the sound of Dark Funeral, Marduk.. but twisted with the dark psychedelic vibe of Asagraum.

You are soon going on a US tour, but is there already plans for next year concerts in connection with a new album already?

Yes, but I can not announce them yet since the official announcements are still not done.

Thank you for the interview Hanna.
Thanks for your time Johnny! Hail Satan!

Photo: Alfredo Alv

Photo: Damien Carter

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