Return of the Goat

by Phantom Fire

A brand-new entity hailing from Bergen, Norway. Hard-rocking, hard-charging, reeking of rust and diesel, here do PHANTOM FIRE kick out two jams of lithe ‘n’ lethal metal blackened to a crisp. And while so many nowadays “retro” bands head straight to the party, Phantom Fire are intent on ruining that party, spreading black leathery wings wide and ominously.

A unique take on the traditional, Return of the Goat is a deadly auspicious first start, and the title track’s a tasty preview of Phantom Fire’s forthcoming debut album, The Bust of Beelzebub, due out early September via Edged Circle Productions. You’ve been warned!

Says Decibel Magazine:
“These two tracks signal what could be a modern-day Norwegian metal classic, the kind that has the attitude, the vibe, the guts to stand out, and the right set of low-hanging balls to ride proud into the black of night.”

Released April 23, 2021


  • "Charged with old school energy and a refreshingly extreme take on things, this is a bestial ride through hellfire that only lasts 6 minutes, but in this time chews up the the listener and spits them into the abyss."
    7.5/10 -
  • "‘Return of the Goat’ is a good first dip into what Phantom Fire have to offer on their take on the blackened rock and roll genre and if you are a fan of this style of music like me, we can expect great things to come from their full-length. It’ll be great to see them expand on some of the dynamic changes found in ‘Mara’ and the excellent riffing found in ‘Return of the Goat’ so until that time, pop these tracks in your rotation!"
    4/5 -
  • "They blaze forth with a sort of crazed energy that fascinates and delights listeners. It's exactly the sort of thing to keep you headbanging through even the darkest of times, because Phantom Fire can't help but to reflect on them."
phantom fire norwegian metal Origin: Norway / Formed in: 2019 / Genre: Black/Speed Metal