Lost on Void's Horizon

by Siderean

At last here, bearing the evocative title Lost on Void’s Horizon, SIDEREAN‘s first full-length handily eclipses past, not-inconsiderable accomplishments – and then blasts off into new worlds unknown.

The two-song Sidereal Evolution EP (released by Edged Circle Productions in October 2020) teased with an even crisper iteration of that uniquely serpentine flow, and upped the hooks in the process. Those two epic songs are reprised here, and signpost a sea-change in the new-look Siderean world: no more sulphur, no more murk, just sparkling ‘n’ sidewinding mental wreckage that’s “death metal” in deed but not fully by definition. For one, one could argue that Lost on Void’s Horizon is a deceptively beautiful listen – yes, beautiful – in that way that lucid dreams drip into nightmares; credit much of this superlative development to the lead-guitar work, which brings the spaciness and then some.

For another, that perceivable “cleaning up” actually reveals an even-more-organic entity, as each drop of sweat tastes that much sweeter when not buried under miles of reverb; the song writing, consequentially, hits with even more urgency and fluidity. Credit due to Slovenia producer Anže Čanžek, with expert mastering courtesy of Horrendous’ Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studio.

  • "Overall, I simply adore this album. There is something about it that, to me, stands it head and shoulders above a lot of Death Metal albums that I have heard recently and I will be making sure that SIDEREAN are on my list of bands to watch. There is something cooking over in Slovenia, be sure to keep an eye out."
    10/10 - metal-temple.com
  • "Atonally austere and surreptitiously spectacular, Siderean’s Lost on Void’s Horizon is one of those sleeper albums that far too many heads will be missing this year, and that’s a damn fucking shame because this release is downright fan-fucking-tastic."
    96/100 - hatedonemetalreviews.com
  • "(...) the album is a true tour de force, an endlessly intriguing adventure that makes one think of rocketing through a wormhole, twisting the listener’s brain inside-out and upside-down while revealing wondrous beauty in flashes along a dangerous but electrifying course toward a galaxy unknown."
  • "During the two months I’ve spent with this record I’d found it impossible to step away from, already mentally placing it on my shelf, already smelling the ink of the print as I pour over its contents, and obsessing far too much over every detail I could pull from uncountable listens. This obsession has dried me of interest in so many other things in the meantime, and left me seeing stars and imagining worlds I’d never dreamed of otherwise; All symptoms of finding exactly what I want from extreme music and soaking deeply of this vital fuel as inspiration to keep exploring the vast wonders available within the craft. The hope is that it becomes just as stirring and necessary an interruption to others usual streams of consciousness. A highest recommendation."
    100/100 - grizzlybutts.com
  • "Suffice it to say, Edged Circle Productions have found another winner. Siderean routinely push themselves above and beyond on this offering to craft some truly admirable and exciting progressive technical death metal. There are feats of musicianship that leave you scraping your jaw off the floor and an overarching vision that can't help but to impress any fan of underground music. So strip back the layers and fall in love with the madness. Lost On Void's Horizon is an early contender for death metal AOTY."
  • "The band has a very unique and multi-faceted style that is both enjoyable and perfect to headbang/mosh to. If you are looking for solid DM bands, Siderean will certainly surprise you."
    93/100 - infernalmasquerade.com
Origin: Slovenia / Formed in: 2010 / Genre: Death Metal