Perra Karlsson replacing Andy Whale


Edged Circle shares the excitement to announce that Perra Karlsson is the new drummer of DARKENED! Perra has been family here at ECP for many years, and we are happy to see this will continue into the future! Check out the details below…OH! and stay tuned for a brand new music video from Darkened! We have seen some early cuts and it looks great!

Says Darkened:

“Welcome Mr Perra Karlsson👍🍺👍 We proudly present the new drummer of Darkened! We’re stoked to have this legend onboard, and we’re already working on the next album! His performance will definitely add a new dimension to Darkened! He’s been around the Death Metal scene from the early days and have been bashing drums for a lot of great acts over the years👍👍”

Here are some words from Perra:

“Wow motherfuckers!
To join Darkened feels like nothing but natural to me. To play drums in a band with four of my best mates, how could I ever turn that down? That’s impossible, plain and simple.
As I see it, I am not replacing Andy, I’ll just carry the legend onwards. March into the coming battles with a smile on my face. After all, you can’t replace Andy Whale, nuff said.
Death Metal Forever – Forever Death Metal.

October 4, 2022