ECP to release “Into the Blackness” MCD

We are immensely proud to announce that we will release the “INTO THE BLACKNESS” MCD from DARKENED. This is a brand new band and consists of the following members:

Hempa Brynolfsson – Guitars (Excruciate/Ordo Inferus)
Daryl Kahan – Bass (ex Disma/Funebrarum)
Andy Whale – Drums (ex Bolt Thrower/Memoriam)
Linus Nirbrant – Guitars (This Ending/A Canorous Quintet)
Gord Olson – Vocals (Divinity/Ye Goat-Herd Gods)

This release is also being released as a 10″ vinyl by Chaos Records. Release date & further details to surface soon. For now, enjoy the opening track.

May 10, 2019