Lydia Laska
“Levitation” remixed by Faust

LYDIA LASKA will release a string of remixes from their critically acclaimed album «EGO DEATH» in the coming months through their Bandcamp site. Check out the brand new remix of the track «Levitation» done by cult German space travellers Faust:

Voldswagen explains more:

«When I started writing this tune way back in early 2013 I had no idea that it would end up being remixed by one of my favorite bands almost a decade later.
Actually, the song was initially meant for a spaghetti western/film music side project called Bacon Boys.I did some home recordings using primitive equipment, then asked a couple of friends to put on some yearning trumpets (Ingrid Frivoll from Beglomeg)and distorted violin (Eivind Schou from Serena-Maneesh (Official) + + + ), and that lo-fi recording became the intro of the album version.

But the song kept evolving. From being an introverted instrumental to what it became in the end; a whimsy psychedelic pop tune. While we recorded it at Malabar 2017, Kandi insisted it needed his vocals. I agreed after some glasses of wine… So we sat down together in the middle of the studio session and wrote some words that went well with the intention of the song; to merge into your surroundings, evaporate and become something else.

In march 2020, when everything shut down, a new idea was born: how about asking some of our favorite artists and friends to do remixes of our songs? We already had the files ready. The world was in quarantine, and everybody needed something to do, right?

We started reaching out to a couple of different friends, and got some positive feedback on the idea. We felt we had something interesting going on, and started to plan a revisited version of our entire album “Ego Death”. All the songs. One artist per song. And total freedom for everyone involved.

The first remix we put out this summer was from our friend Ponytech. He is the guy who got this whole ball rolling by asking us if he could remix some of our tunes back in March. His sleek electronic version of “Did you do it again?” is in some ways a contrast to what we have here: a fuzzy, weird and completely Faust version of “Levitation”. Thanx a million to FAUST who agreed to do this, it feels both surreal and very natural at the same time. Like lucid dreaming, but for the ears. We hope you all enjoy this too -have a cup of tea and put this on repeat for the rest of the day.

-Voldswagen, Oslo, September 2020»

September 13, 2020