Magick Touch
“Love Rocket” video premiere

A few years back, rock cadets MAGICK TOUCH were asked to compose “Love Rocket” (люблю ракету) to accompany Pavel Klushantsev’s film “Road to the Stars” (Дорога к звёздам).

The clip has finally been released from behind the long-impenetrable walls of Soviet archives, with technical advise from Tikhonravov and comrade Nilsj Nessej. The band were for several years labeled dissidents and accused of interfering with the foreign policy of the USSR, as well as – perhaps justly – being classified as “composers with huge inventive powers but not much self-criticism”.

As we await fresh compositions from the newly exonerated trio, due to appear this fall, do make the most of this half-open, dirty window to the past!

“Love Rocket” comes off Magick Touch’s debut album “ELECTRICK SORCERY“, released on Edged Circle Productions.
Avaliable on all digital platforms + LP w/ FREE CD version included.

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April 14, 2017