New release: Drittmaskin


Today, Edged Circle Productions releases a surprise single from the strange ‘n’ singular Drittmaskin. Titled Når dei kjem for å ta meg” (English: “When they come for me”), the single is being released both digitally and on 7″ vinyl format. This single coincides with Edged Circle’s worldwide release of the band’s striking debut album, Sosial Prolaps, on digipack CD and vinyl LP formats. Originally self-released in 2018, this new edition of Sosial Prolaps will precede a brand-new Drittmaskin album for Edged Circle later this year; more info after the jump.

With a barelling verse and a prophetic chorus, the new single “Når dei kjem for å ta meg” marks a further exploration into a world where black metal shrieks and minor-keyed melodies meet the aggression and catharsis of hardcore punk. Drittmaskin continue their quest to refine their True Norwegian Black Punk blueprint, and once again Grindadrap, lyricist and singer of Drittmaskin (English: shit machine), descends upon the land to rid the Drittfolk of the pressing agonies of life.

In the meantime, hear the single in its entirety across all digital platforms HERE, as well as view a breakdown video of the track. Ordering information for the vinyl can be found at that link, as well.