Lydia Laska

ECP is proud to present the brand new single “Waltzhead” from Norway’s most notorious rock rebels LYDIA LASKA. This is the first song revealed in nearly five years since the highly acclaimed album “Ego Death” which was released by Edged Circle to much praise upon its release.

Voldswagen speaks out:
“Waltzhead was written in Spain 2002 by myself and Candy Whorehole and recorded we it for the Krankenhaus album back in 2009, but we chose to leave it out for deliberate obscure reasons. The song entered the Lydia crypts for a long time but we brought it into the limelight and mixed it with Emil Nikolaisen (Serena-Maneesh, Todd Rundgren etc.) in march 2019 for this release. The secret plan was to release it as a part of this upcoming album including the two first EP’s + another lost song. Anyway, things take time in the Laska universe, but finally Waltzhead is here and EPX2 is out soon!”

In addition, please check out the music video for “Waltzhead” which was “mostly improvised in a couple of hours with only analogue material like cardboard, golden spray and tooth paste. Idea/concept was made by myself and performed by the aid of Hurricane Hermine and Moss Angeles artist Fishbain. Filmed and edited by Erlend Stærk in march 2023”. 

Pre-order the EPX2 album right now and also stream “Waltzhead” through all major channels:


August 25, 2023