Sign of Evil
New video “Bad Trip”

…and now it’s here, bearing the continuing-the-tale title of PSYCHODELIC DEATH.

Witchfucker’s joined by new drummer Thoth, and the duo’s chemistry is immediate and mesmerizing. Everything about its short-length predecessor is not only taken up a notch, it’s nearly maximized to overkill-type levels, but that’s the only kind of madness for SIGN OF EVIL! More chorus pedal on everything, more guitar solos everywhere, more anthems and more hypnosis and more EVIL and more ARGH!!! In fact, that chorus-pedal abuse puts Psychodelic Death in a realm almost removed from metal and into old deathrock – so sinister yet also so sexy.

But rest assured that the duo have their noses planted deeply in an ancient ugliness redolent of early BATHORY, VENOM, WARFARE, and even the PLASMATICS: Witchfucker’s now got two vocal styles warring with each other – one a thirsty ‘n’ miserable blackrasp, the other a sewer vomit warped by a harmonizer ala very early CARCASS, IMPETIGO, or CARNAGE – and Thoth’s snare sound is straight outta SARCOFAGO’s INRI.

The cultest metal album of the year? YOU F*CKING BET!


March 18, 2022