So it Goes

by Demoniac

EDGED CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present DEMONIAC‘s second full length album, So It Goes, on CD, LP and digital formats.

Taking their signature sound to new heights (and depths!), Demoniac shake the dreaded “sophomore slump” by unleashing an album that’s immediately identifiable as them yet travels down all sorts of wild ‘n’ weird paths. For example, the 20-minute suite of the title track and the use of clarinet…say what?!? Indeed, Demoniac up-end all the usual “evil thrash” cliches by creating a caustic yet intensely tuneful record that’s daring in scope and devilish in its sense of purpose. Of course, everything RIPS here – harder than ever, in fact – but so many crazy angles get thrown at the listener, it’s nearly overwhelming, until the quintet bring it all back into focus with strangely memorable hooks, swaggering execution, and the charismatic enunciation of frontman Javier Ortiz.

Not a week goes by these days where a thrash record isn’t released, but there truly IS NOT a nowadays thrash record quite like Demoniac’s So It Goes. ECP is honored to continue their campaign of South American madness, and Demoniac are ready to destroy everyone’s minds with So It Goes!

Released January 29, 2021

  • "With So It Goes, Demoniac is stretching the boundaries of what we consider to be acceptable in thrash, but they do so without losing sight of the elements that make the genre so great in the first place: frantic riffing, virtuosic bass, and some of the best leads you’ll ever hear. Combine that with the band’s nearly classical ability to write movements and transitions, and the bizarre but effective inclusion of the clarinet, and you’ve got a record that simply must be heard. Don’t worry if you don’t hear the genius. I didn’t either at first, but my patience has more than been rewarded."
    4/5 -
  • "Demoniac not only avoid the sophomore slump, but they beat it over the head with a crowbar until it begs for mercy. As relative newcomers to the scene, they’ve managed to carve themselves a spot among the great technical thrash bands and I cannot wait to see where Demoniac take their sound next."
    8,5/10 -
  • "I wholly recognize the sentience of ‘So It Goes’ as an album which goes a few steps beyond self-actualization to embody multiple philosophical perspectives being mulled over by a distressed (yet wise) mind, some of which feel entirely free and others which represent terminal self-imprisonment. As a gorgeous, flavor-crammed outlier shoving its razor sharp riffs into my ears for months, it almost feels sour to reveal Demoniac to the undeserving masses. Let it be savored and not devoured. A very high recommendation."
    95/100 -
  • "DEMONIAC’s second studio album is far from predictable. At times “So It Goes” is a sampler of true thrash, following the genre’s expected template, while at others it represents the creation of progressive thrash fusion. To this end, DEMONIAC demonstrate that the can be both brutally aggressive and also lighter (dare I say mellow). This is certainly an album for those wanting to hear not only traditional thrash, but also the envelope being pushed in newer and interesting directions."
    7/10 -
  • "Demoniac can be proud of original vision on such an old and pure metal genre as thrash metal, entwining it with progressive and black metal, as well as jazz and classical music. This music is unique and innovative, but in some way, it isn’t too evidently inclined to avant-garde concept, ’cause their thrash metal spirit is strong and vivid. These guys aren’t some newbies without an experience, everyone has some stage and record history, so within this band they focus on aesthetic and arty side of the primitive metal genres, and that’s really a miracle, how they combine these two sides without any harm to either of them."
  • "So It Goes is one of the best and most original releases in the genre this year. It proves that the modern Chilean blackened thrash scene is very promising and definitely worth following."
    9,5/10 -
  • "So It Goes is a striking release from a very talented band. It feels very complete as an album; each of the tracks has its own personality and fits together nicely with its colleagues, producing a very enticing and compelling piece of work. Demoniac have created an exceptional record. Essential listening."
  • "The band uses not only the usual thrash metal instruments, but also piano or saxophone and what they really manage to do convincingly almost consistently is to mix aggressive parts with quieter, more classical interludes, so that it has become a very independent album."
    8,2/10 -
Origin: Chile / Formed in: 2011 / Genre: Thrash Metal