DEMONIAC was created with the intention to execute a fast and ferocious Thrash Metal, as well as bringing back the aggressiveness of metal in the town of Limache. Formed in 2011, under a young line up consisting of Javier Ortiz (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Rodrigo Poblete (Drums), Nicolas Young (Lead Guitar) and Vicente Pereira (Bass Guitar); wherewith edit independently in 2012 the EP “Judgement of Death.”  Time after, Nicolas Young quits the band, leaving Demoniac with a total of three members. The band went on with this formation for one more year, focusing on the creation of new darkest and faster melodies in comparison with its previous work.

In 2013, the band starts the recordings of the demo “The Unacceptable Truth,” which comes into existence in 2014 under the label Descarga Metálica in a black tape format. The demo will receive very good criticizes after being released and the band will recruit Luciano Leiton as lead guitar. However, health issues force him to leave the band some months later; meanwhile, the band was starting to compose new songs for its future debut album.

At the end of 2015, Demoniac goes back to its original formation, with the return of its former lead guitar Nicolas Young. After months of working, the process of composition would come to an end and the recordings of the first LP would begin. It will be in this process that the band will sign with the German label Witches Brew to edit “Intemperance,” its very first LP in 2017. Intemperance had good reception and criticizes, allowing the band to share stage with bands like Violator (Brazil). In 2018, Intemperance was reedited in pro tape under the Chilean label Dissonant Death.

In the meanwhile, the band started the process of composition for its second album “So it Goes” which recording started in mid-2019. This album includes new elements like a 20-minute suite and the use of a clarinet. In 2020, the band releases its first live material “En Vivo 28.09.19” working again with Dissonant Death Recs, this live footage was recorded in Santiago in a gig with Ripper, Dekapited and Evil Madness. In June 2020, the band finishes working on the album “So It Goes”, after being Mastered by Claudio Salinas (Maestro3 Studio).

Now the band is ready to destroy everyone’smind and brain with the new album “So It Goes”