Throne of Ashes

by Angelblast

It was but late 2019 when ANGELBLAST made their swift-yet-devastating entrance into the world with the Rotting Paradise EP. Although “merely” three songs, Rotting Paradise impressed with its just-blackened-enough Metal of Death attack, recalling ’90s Morbid Angel, Dissection, Necrophobic, Malevolent Creation, and Unanimated, but already with an identity of their own. But calling Angelblast a “new” band was something of a misnomer, as the duo included members from old-school Swedeath cult Excruciate as well as fellow labelmates DARKENED.

Now expanded to a quartet, Angelblast deliver another blistering EP with the two-song Throne of Ashes. While those aforementioned references remain, here do Angelblast blacken that attack even more decisively, sounding more expansive and world-eating in the process. In fact, alongside labelmates IN APHELION – who themselves will also be delivering a first full-length soon enough – one could argue that the new breed of old-school blackened death is equally secured by Angelblast. Eleven minutes in total but totally breathless and epic, Throne of Ashes absolutely commands repeat plays!

Graced again by amazing artwork from Juanjo Castellano Rosado (Unleashed, Revel in Flesh, Gates of Ishtar), Throne of Ashes sounds the trumpets of doom for Angelblast’s imminent debut album!

Hempa Brynolfsson – guitars
Gord Olson – guitars / vocals
Johan Bergebäck – bass
Perra Karlsson – drums

Released January 28, 2022

  • "....mark these words, good things are coming, and they’ll be heralded by the Horn of Gabriel when AngelBlast eventually deliver that debut studio album."
    70% -
  • "...And as “Throne of Ashes” is really a good release, it means that why in the blazes a band as ANGELBLAST didn’t release a full album until this moment?"
    9/10 -
  • "Swedish styled black death fury at its finest. (...) this EP is really killer and makes you hungry for more!"
    9/10 -
Origin: Sweden/Canada / Formed in: 2019 / Genre: Death/Black Metal