“So it Goes” LP re-press

Due to tremendous demand, we decided to run a strictly limited run of three additional vinyl variants in 100 copies each! Pre-order item.

Taking their signature sound to new heights (and depths!), DEMONIAC shake the dreaded “sophomore slump” by unleashing an album that’s immediately identifiable as them yet travels down all sorts of wild ‘n’ weird paths. For example, the 20-minute suite of the title track and the use of clarinet…say what?!?

Indeed, Demoniac up-end all the usual “evil thrash” cliches by creating a caustic yet intensely tuneful record that’s daring in scope and devilish in its sense of purpose. Of course, everything RIPS here – harder than ever, in fact – but so many crazy angles get thrown at the listener, it’s nearly overwhelming, until the quintet bring it all back into focus with strangely memorable hooks, swaggering execution, and the charismatic enunciation of frontman Javier Ortiz.

Not a week goes by these days where a thrash record isn’t released, but there truly IS NOT a nowadays thrash record quite like Demoniac’s SO IT GOES. Edged Circle is honored to continue their campaign of South American madness, and Demoniac are ready to destroy everyone’s minds with So It Goes!

Release date: 30.09.2022

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August 5, 2022