Distribution issues

Both ECP and the artist have been contacted by Swedish customers who pre-ordered the “UNDER THE KISS” EP from Ginza and Bengans, but still haven’t received their orders.

The reason why both of these portals keep pushing back the date, is because Sound Pollution in Sweden, despite being told not to, listed the release as their distribution item. So since they never got any items in stock, the portals mentioned above were forced to just keep postponing the release date on their sites, and left unable to service the orders they have received.

However, our Scandinavian distributor Border Music Distribution have been notified of this fault, and Sound Pollution have been asked now to traffic all orders further to Border. We will monitor this situation closely and will make sure the customers who pre-ordered their items will be receiving them shortly.

We apologize for this situation to all it might affect, but rest assured we will rectify this.
Edit: this has now been sorted and orders are being processed finally.

July 27, 2020